Welcome to Laserforce. Its time to suit up. 


  • Heart-pounding, high adrenaline excitement
  • Fun for the entire Family or Solo Adventurers
  • Perfect for Birthdays and Social Groups
  • Great for Corporate de-stressing and Team-building Packages
  • Lunacy Evenings and Member’s Nights

Laserforce is a highly innovative laser game played in a massive arena themed as a space station. Players are equipped with a vest-style battlesuit and a phaser. The objective is to score points by zapping opponents and targets throughout the arena with up to 30 players stalking the maze at once. Everything is fully automated and computerised right down to the scoring.

We are located just next to Hoyts Cinemas in Wairau Park, we have plenty of FREE parking available right out the front of the building and we are a PokéStop!. A map to our location can be found here

Come have the ultimate lasertag experience in New Zealand!!

You don’t just play the game, you ARE the game!!

Bookings are advisable

Great value and well run. The kids had a ball and were allowed to bring take away pizza.

I have taken groups of 15+ people here on multiple occasions, even intellectually challenged youth and the owner has gone way over and beyond to meet our needs. Not only is the premies clean and spacious but the layout of the game is really well thought out. Would recommend this laserforce very highly

Awesome staff. Clean premises. Reasonably priced AND they let you bring in your own food. Highly recommend! Thanks gentlemen 🙂

Great place for my son’s 11th birthday. The kids loved it. Reasonably priced and the owner was very helpful and accommodating.

10 kids and 2 adults had a great time – we will be back!

Great, fun, physical challenge for the kids. Very friendly, helpful staff.

Excellent team sport well run and great variance in game modes and skill highly recommend it for teambuilding and social nights

Brilliant, clean and tidy. We had a 12 year old birthday party and everyone enjoyed every minute. 10 out of 10. Loved it 🙂

Enjoyed shooting things and other people and the targets and bases. Playing in teams and crawling through the passage ways was fun!


All bookings are welcome.
We have games available for two or more players.

Standard pricing from 1 July 2018:

Missions Current Price (incl. GST) Product Value
1 Mission $9.00 $13.00
2 Missions $15.00 $23.00
Extra Missions $5.00

Group pricing* from 1 July 2018: *Requires a group of 12 players. Off-peak hours only

Missions Current Price(incl. GST) Product Value Games Extras
2 Hours $20.00 $64.00 6 8 Arcades
3 Hours $25.00 $93.00 8 10 Arcades
Extra Missions $5.00

Birthday pricing from 1 July 2018:

Birthdays Peak hours (Fri. – Sat.) (incl. GST) Off-peak hours (Mon. – Thurs. (incl. GST) Product Value Games Extras
Laserbash Lite $21.00 $18.00 $46.00 2 1-Hour Party table and Arcades
Laserbash Ultra $24.00 $21.00 $52.00 3 2-Hour Party table, Arcades and scoresheets

Event* pricing from 1 July 2018:

Event Price(incl. GST) Product Value Games Extras
Lunacy $23.00 $66.00 Unlimited Unlimited

Event* pricing from 1 July 2018:
Holiday Sessions start 6 July 2018 and end 23 July 2018
Sessions available Mondays to Fridays between 11 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 4 pm.

Holidays Price(incl. GST) Product Value Games Extras
Holiday Mini $20.00 $39.00 3 4 Arcade Games
Holiday Ignition $23.00 $44.00 4 6 Arcade Games
Holiday Overdrive $30.00 $70.00 Unlimited Unlimited Arcade Games

Opening Hours: Weekdays and Weekends 11 am – 10 pm. Bookings are required.
Peak hours – Fridays and Saturdays 11am – 10 pm; Sundays 11am – 7pm
Off-peak hours – Monday to Thursdays 11am – 10pm

10am slots are available by prior arrangement.

Except Christmas Day.
*Please see Events page for more information. Event pricing is only available during specified times.




Mission Types

Keen for a game? Contact us now!

How do you play?

The goal of Laserforce is to score the most points (either as a team or individual) which is achieved by destroying the in-field targets and zapping your opponents. This is of course only the basic description of the standard game and many more await. For more information visit us in-store for a quick briefing.

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