Know the Game

How to Play

  • Once briefed, players are equipped with a Gen8 Battle Suit complete with their own phaser.
  • Players then take to the arena to compete in a highly advanced game that includes detailed team and individual scoring
  • In its simplest forms -the Individual and Team game modes – Laserforce requires players to score the most points by tagging other players or various arena targets
  • Depending on the game mode, a player’s battlesuit will deactivate when tagged and reactivate several seconds later
  • Advanced game modes have additional rules and goals beyond simply scoring points
  • Players may also become Members to collect achievements, rank up and improve their position on the leader board

Skill Levels

  • The skill level system is designed to reward players with more experience while allowing new players to learn the ropes in fair and balanced gameplay.
  • The levels are divided into three tiers; Beginner (Level 1-3), Intermediate (Level 4-6) and Advanced (Level 7-9)

Level 1 – Recruit

Level 2 – Gunner

Level 3 – Trooper

Level 4 – Captain

Level 5 – Starlord

Level 6 – Lasermaster

Level 7 – 9 Coming Soon